Thunderstruck. AC/DC vs Zeus. A Greek Myth and Rock ‘n’ Roll Fanfiction.

20 Sep

The masses amassed on Cretan Mount Ida, bearing down on the world from an 8000ft crown. The band was tuned up, and the anticipation, once kindled, crackled static-shock fire into the icy air. When they appeared, compressed passion and fanaticism combusted into raucous applause as 77,000 minds were lost all at once and gave voice to the primal urge to worship.

Williams, Rudd, Johnson and the Youngs took their places on the altar, preparing to sacrifice blood, sweat and soul to Almighty Rock ‘n’ Roll. It starts. Flesh on quivering steel. Mount Ida was Thunderstruck.

The sky blackened. Thunder rumbled in wrath. The clouds tore apart and the Lord of Lightening, King of Kings, Aegis-Bearing Zeus stepped through. Awful to behold, the proud vengeful god stood half again as tall as the mountain to which he descended. AC/DC played their passion with indefatigable vigour, louder than before, and the crowd roared as one.

“And I knew there was no turning back.  My mind raced and I thought what could I do.  And I knew there was no help, no help from you.”

Dread Cyclope-forged bolts of death-dealing hate seared the sky, sent from the arm of the almighty Olympian. But what is bad weather to the mettle of the heavy metal hearted?


Mount Ida shook to her roots. The black clouds burned red. The faithful thousands repelled their would-be fate through sheer force of heart-fire. His tools of terror turned back on himself, the Lord of Lightening retired to his golden Olympian throne, the bass throb of mortal defiance resounding in his immortal ears.

The show goes on.

What do you think about this, then?

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