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Trifextra Writing Challenge: ‘On the count of three…

14 Oct

“This weekend we are challenging you to write 33 of your own words to build upon the following:

On the count of three…

You can choose to include those words if you want, but they do not count toward the 33 words of your own”.

Challenge accepted.


Four,’ said The One.

‘You were supposed to tear its heart out,’ said Void.

‘Its beat is stronger than I,’ said the One. ‘The Music cannot die.’

The Void let loose the bagpipes.  made me do it.


Victory. A Trifecta Writing Challenge Piece. With Clockwork.

26 Sep

Trifecta Challenge


The prompt is:


a : having no regard to rational discrimination, guidance, or restriction <blind choice>

b : lacking a directing or controlling consciousness <blindchance>

c : drunk



 Blind, but for the prayers of dreamers, shoots a cherished bronze dart from the heavens through billowing soft steam clouds.

Filigree fingers float on hope to rest on treasure heaps to be. A kingdom, perhaps, or a single heart.

An aviatrix on air-light wings. A clockwork dragonfly dream, awoken with the freshly fallen sweat of mortal toil.

A Question of Us: Trifextra Writing Challenge

21 Sep

“Describe something that is three different things at the same time.  Oh, and do it in 33 words.”

Easier said than done, Trifecta. Well, here goes…

The new life they both cradled told tales about them.

They exchanged a nervous look and considered three.

What they had done together;

What they had not done together;

And one more thing…

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