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Robot Wrestlers In Space – Writing My First Novel?

2 Jun

I might be writing my first novel, but I’m not entirely sure. 


The word “Novel” might be five letters long, but to me it is one of the biggest words because it represents a great unknown for me. It is the summit of Everest, it is the Challenger Deep, a potential Pandora’s box of plot-holes, loose ends and unrestrained waffle. 

I am a writer of short stories. They’re easier for me because once I start to write them I soon find myself stumbling into the ending. But what if ‘Robot Wrestlers In Space’ doesn’t develop an ending? What if, once started, it sucks me into a self-replicating vortex of tangential plot generation from which I never escape, inevitably leading to a coffee-soaked demise, slumped in a chair smothered in cat hair and the crumbs of old biscuits? 

I often talk myself out of things. I think most of us do. But I have already written the first 5000 words of this for my MA degree spring semester. The next 14,000 words shall constitute my final dissertation. Will I finish the story by then, or will I be left staring into the gaping jaws of an unfinished narrative? An orphan fragment of something potentially greater?

My lecturer told me not to concern myself, and to “let the story be what it wants to be.” 

‘Are you crazy?’ I thought. It’s going to eat my life. ‘Robot Wrestlers In Space’ will tear a hole in my existence; I will wind up 94 years old, scrawling the last paragraph with what remains of my blood using an old quill pen on the thick padded walls of my own personal hell.

Or, you know, the whole process might turn out to be rather fun and rewarding. 




Jerry Lawler. Has heart-attack. Goes to hospital. Gets given steak. And ANTI-MEDICINE.

14 Sep

So, that modern medicine stuff, eh?

If you don’t watch WWE, or maintain an interest in professional wrestling, you may not know who the happy-looking dude in the picture above is. This is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, a WWE Hall-of-Famer who at 62 years of age has been in the business for over four decades.

So who cares? Well, after competing in a match on a recent live taping of the WWE’s flagship TV show ‘Monday Night Raw,’ in Montreal, Canada, ‘The King’ suffered a potentially fatal heart attack. This occured while in the middle of performing commentary duty before the eyes of a packed sports arena. Jerry was immediately given CPR by backstage medical staff.

Then what? Turns out, while in hospital the medicine of choice for recent heart attack victims is a frickin’ steak dinner. Doesn’t seem sensible to me, but hell, I’m no doctor. And then again, you can clearly see the Diet Coke in the photograph above. So that’s okay, isn’t it? Diet soda is a pretty healthy beverage option, right?


The question I have is this. Exactly who did Jerry Lawler piss off? What do you think? Is this an example of conspicuous negligence by healthcare professionals, or is this all being blown out of proportion?