Fire and Shadow

6 Oct

The fire still burns


Fire shouts. Shadow listens. In time, Fire fatigues while Shadow is sleep itself, feeding from Fire, engulfing, until only their legacy, Embers, Ashes and Smoke remain.


Is Shadow, then, the father? Patient, eternal. While Fire is creation, a bright transitory mark on the world that screams her passion, and is extinguished?

A Shadow, however, is merely the ghost of something. The cold plagiarist, existing only in tandem. Not so eternal after all, perhaps?

 A Fire is an idea, making one thing become another. Shadow, then, is memory. What we keep behind us and can never cast off  until the Smoke comes. Ideas breed memories, a subtle incest that shapes the world.

What we are left with is more Ashes, more Smoke, but more Embers.



What do you think about this, then?

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