Venturing into Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

11 May

 I have dipped my toes into the seething, bubbling ocean of digital publishing for the first time. 

I’m a bit lost guys and girls. 


My first babies to fly the nest are a couple of shorts I wrote for my masters degree at the university Nottingham – ‘Voodou and the Machine’ and ‘Lab Rats.’ I uploaded them both onto Amazon Kindle as a combined package for the minimum price I was allowed to – $2.99 (£1.80 GBP). I shared my venture on the ol’ Bookface, and one kindly soul agreed to bite and check it out. That’s £1.30 of royalties in the back for Jack. Strange how much that one sale means, you know, that someone actually shelled out some hard-earned cash for some stuff I made up in my head. Feels good, I tell ya. 

At the time of writing – stardate, the 11th May – it’s the only sale i have. That’s because I’ve only done half the work. Writing fiction and getting onto KDP is the first step, but then you’ve market the darn thing. This is where I find myself just treading water. In my professional life I’ve flogged a ton ‘o junk for other folks, but never something of my own creation. 

The ocean stretches far and wide, and all I have this rubber dinghy and a Fischer-Price telescope with which to navigate its choppy waters. It time to learn to ride the waves. 

If there is anybody out there, this is my S.O.S. Let’s ride those waves together. is the golden link. If you like Scifi, Steampunk and the like, with dark tendencies then I’d really appreciate you checking out the free preview to Voudou and the Machine. It’s an attempt at a strong female protagonist from the 1st person, something I don’t feel I’ve seen enough of in the genre. 


Have a nice day, WordPressers and let me hear your thoughts! 







4 Responses to “Venturing into Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)”

  1. 3duir May 11, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    Well I get the pleasure of being your second sale then 🙂 Just the sort of thing that is up my alley. It is important indie writers support each other, because we are READERs as we are writers. Save for odd in print book or old favorites nearly all my reading matter is indie publication these days. Years back I realized what traditional publishing was depriving me of–risk taking fiction and non-fiction I appreciate the effort and risks Indie publishers take that traditional publishing won’t. I’ll write you a review when you’re done and push it forward where ever I leave my own e-tracks at 🙂


    • jackkastor May 11, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

      3duir, I am inexpressibly grateful for your very generous support. I fully encourage comments and criticism of all kinds, it’s the only way to really feed the beast.

      In turn, if there is anything in particular you wish for me to have a look at, then please let
      me know, it would be a pleasure to return the favour.

      I hadn’t really contextualised it before, but yes, yes I AM an indie writer and proud of it. Writers are readers are writers indeed, as you say and I fully agree we do need to support one another.

      What is your favourite genre or niche?


      • 3duir May 12, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

        Oh I like most any sort of speculative fiction science fiction and fantasy, especially if it has elements of reality. Dystopian fiction with solutions or empowerment to balance things. Your story was terrific, I’ll post a review for you. I did read it on a kindle cloud app for windows and while there was nothing wrong with the content the text suddenly jumped up really big on page 72 or at 11percent. That might be because of cloud and it looks fine on other apps but you might double check. We do have to market ourselves and others, in a weird way though people are out of book stores and on the net now so we are in the place we need to be in terms of getting exposure. –ro

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  2. jackkastor May 16, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    Thank you so much for the review, 3duir, it was very kind of you. That’s my first review by the way, so it means a great deal to me that you took the time to post it up.

    Currently in the works is my next story, ‘Robot Wrestlers In Space.’ It’s going to be much longer than my last work and it marries two of my greatest passions – professional wrestling and science fiction, something which I don’t think has been done nearly enough.

    I’ll check out those formatting blips you brought up as well, many thanks once again!

    Are you working on anything at the moment?


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